Can you do small quantities of labels with or without barcodes?
Federal Barcode is able to produce as few as one label or as many as 100,000 and can even do prototype labels (in full process color) so you can see how your product will look before you market it.

What if I need a special label to meet a specific customers requirement?
We will produce custom labels (sizes or materials) in whatever quantity needed.

I need a two color label on a roll, but I only need 1000.
Not a problem. We can do two spot colors on any of our stock size labels, and can often have them for you in 1 to 2 days.

I need labels yesterday! Can you help?
We pride ourselves on fast, courteous service and can often print your one color labels and have them to you in one day.

What if I want to print my own labels?
We can furnish the label stock (rolls or sheets) and can advise you on the available computer software to help you generate the desired finished product.

The Government has said that I have to put barcode labels on the products I sell to DOD or GSA. Where can I get these labels?
We can help. We have been specialists in government LOGMARS for over 14 years and can setup all label formats for you.

I need a four color label and have been told that the color separations and plates will cost me many hundreds of dollars and it's a small label job. What can be done?
In small quantities, these costs can often be more than our entire job. We have the capability of doing four color labels digitally. This means no color separations or printing plate charges.

We need to mark our office equipment and computers with serial numbers in order to keep track of them. How can we do this?
We can furnish labels that you can print yourself or we can furnish a finished asset marking label to make this job easier.